Vive La France! And It’s Tobacco Shops, too


So, France is about to give cryptocurrency a huge (or, as Donald Trump pronounces it “uuuuuuuuuge”) kick to push it to the mainstream. A guy called Adil Zakhar came with an idea to sell BTC… at the tobacco shops, of all places!

You do know, what the tobacco shop is, right? It’s like a bizarre place where they sell all type of things, like lottery tickets, collectible stamps, paper magazines, posters (!!!) and I can’t even imagine what else. So, check this out: they’re gonna sell BTC in there! Isn’t it a brilliant idea? For one reason or the other, these tobacco shops are extra-popular in France, like you literally can see people queuing outside! What is more mainstream out there?

The idea is to start with 6 tobacco shops in Paris and to have a banging 24,000 kiosks involved in the end. The first 6 shops will be offering prepaid Bitcoin cards in January, followed by as many as 6,500 in February. The amounts of BTC that can be bought are of 50, 100 and 250 euros in value. Cryptocurrency exchange will also be possible.

The initiative is not a favorite one among officials and bankers, but French just don’t care (look at the Gilets Jaunes). So they simply decided to move on. Vive La France!