US Professors To Launch Crypto Which Will Rival Visa


Wow, that is SOME statement, right? So, a bunch of (crazy) professors from leading US universities formed a Think Tank – that’s not that exciting, ok. But, these guys apparently created the fastest cryptocurrency which can rival Visa.

The thing has a rather unsexy name – Unit-e coin. But check this out: it will be able to process up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS). Visa people, are you reading this? 10K transactions per second! Moreover, this initiative is supported by guys from Pantera Capital. This is mint because smart peeps (professors) and rich kids (Pantera) are going to kill Bitcoin and all its negativity, which prevents cryptos to go mainstream (scalability, volatility and so on). Btw, Pantera was nearly 60% up in 2018, which shows how forward-thinking they are: details.

So, at the moment, Bitcoin and Ethereum can handle 7 TPS and 25 TPS. Yeah, that is very sad, especially compared to Visa’s 24,000 TPS. Enters Unit-e coin and its beautiful 10,000 TPS. Quite a difference from 7 and 25 TPS, eh? The trick here is as following: professors are going to redefine Blockchain. Yup. I mean, the guys are coming from MIT and this type of Universities, so they’re absolutely capable of developing the craziest stuff out there.