UN Is Into Crypto Too


Well, sort of. The organization has acknowledged the role of crypto and blockchain in global digitalization. That’s what they said in their 2018 report on the state of the global economy:

“Cryptocurrencies represent a new frontier in digital finance and their popularity is growing. The decentralized networks for cryptocurrencies, bitcoin being a well-known example, can keep track of digital transactions. They enable value to be exchanged and can give rise to new business models which would otherwise require significant regulatory and institutional commitments.”

Moreover, both tech phenomenon are able to create revolutionary business models with the potential to drastically change the way things function. Wow, that’s a very serious endorsement from one of the biggest institutions in the world. The UN, on the other hand, is not a newbie in digital assets: they collaborated with IOTA and Ripple.

The report called the “World Economic and Social Survey 2018”, explores use cases for crypto, the blockchain, and DLT. Limiting carbon emissions, IoT, the provenance of food, property registration and even combating child trafficking are among fields which could benefit from the use of latest tech and digital opportunities. Check out the full report.