Tipping In Bitcoin Is Available On Twitter


Micropayments in Bitcoin are now available for Twitter users. This is fantastic news – just imagine the opportunities, which will be available in the nearest future! This is especially cool for content creators who could be “tipped” via any social platform, straight away and with lowest transaction fees evah.

Tippin.me is behind this awesomeness; the platforms allows everyone to send/receive tips and micropayments right away via a shared link. The is possible thanks to the Lightning Network; hence, Bitcoin is at the core. In the case of Twitter, there are Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, which enable tipping.

Here is why this whole thing is pure gold: “Not only the Twitter experience completely changes but it also open limitless future scenarios: an internet where, thanks to this extension/s, you can tip people on all socials (it can be for a tweet, for an article, for a video, for a comment, etc.), thus creating a new way to raise money by content creators without the need of a central agency and without the need of creating a new social platform and economic system from scratch!” That’s my man Dan Rusnac’s words. And you’re right, bro!