There Are Now 750 Companies In The European Crypto Valley


We’re starting this week with exciting news from Switzerland: the number of Crypto Valley residents, actually, expanded and now consists of 750 crypto-related companies. “Crypto winter,” they say? Not for Zug, clearly.

This number reflects a 20% growth, registered in Q4 2018 – the toughest period in crypto history. Companies in top 50 are valued at $400 million each, while top four entities – Bitmain, Cardano, Dfinity and Ethereum – are worth over $1 billion each. Another impressive number: 3,300 people are employed in the crypto cluster, and no layoffs are expected.

Zug itself is already a trademark for everything “tech” coming from Europe, by crypto geography is expanding within Switzerland. Geneva and Ticino are following the lead of Zug, while Lichtenstein is quickly becoming a new hotspot for the crypto startups.