Samsung And Crypto: Made For Each Other (And For All Of Us)


People working at Samsung have genuinely great minds. Instead of holding to the (glorious) past, they’re looking into the inevitable future. Moreover, they’re about to make our lives better and (crypto) brighter.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phone – and Samsung Pay app – is about to integrate the support of digital assets. The Korean media have earlier reported that the device will hold a crypto wallet. In February, Samsung Electronics has announced the release of a Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Speculations are that this wallet will be integrated (or connected – one way or another) into the Samsung Pay app.

This is really cool news, even if they are not fully confirmed. Even the rumors like these are fantastic – they draw mass attention to crypto stuff and propel an interest of the general public. Just imagine how quick crypto adoption will be if even some of those Samsung rumors/plans will come to fruition. Samsung Pay app alone has 10,000,000 users. Wowzers! C’mon, Samsung!