Japan & Yahoo! To Launch A Crypto Exchange


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Yes, you read it right – Yahoo! is in crypto too. Japanese crypto exchange Taotao is backed by Yahoo! Japan (the company owns 40%); it’s set for May launch. It will trade Bitcoin and Ethereum to begin with, and there are plans to add Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple later.

Yahoo! Japan announced its participation in Taotao precisely a year ago. This is the first time Yahoo! has shown its interest in the crypto industry. By the way, Taotao boasts more than Yahoo! blackening – the exchange has regulatory approval to launch in Japan. This is important to note because Japan has introduced rather strict regulations and monitoring after a number of hacks (Coincheck being the most infamous one).  

So watch this space. It’s already possible to register an account on Taotao and to participate in a promo giveaway campaign.

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