ICO Numbers You Should Know At The Beginning Of 2019


You’re all aware of the hysteria at the crypto market, forecasts of doom and gloom, etc. This is especially intense refarding ICOs and their perspectives. ICOs became so notorious that many projects erased the term from their websites/documentation/social media/tattoos/etc. Take a look at numbers and draw conclusions based on raw stats instead of over-exalted “analysis” from mainstream media.

Firstly, the general overview of the ICO market. According to various reports, ICOs have raised around $160M in the first half of January. Interestingly enough, half of this sum was raised by one project. The combined hard cap is estimated to be over $4B. Canada leads in terms of the amount of funds raised, while the US has the highest actual number of projects.

Secondly, the details. 2019 ICOs (those which were completed by January 15th, that is) have raised nearly 33% of the combined amount raised in the whole month of December 2018. The number of fundraisers is similar to the past seven months – 150.

Thirdly, even more details. Bitmex and TokenAnalyst issued their third research on ICOs. This time they’re looking at $24B of tokens which ICO makers allocated to themselves. That’s a fascinating task, to track others’ money, isn’t it? Seriously though, the findings are very interesting. For example, 54% of the value has been lost due to violent fluctuations in coin prices. ICO teams own around $5B of their tokens, realizing gains of $1.5B by selling those tokens. Check more data here.

Over to you now. Education, reading and thinking are so much better than following mainstream panic attacks. Just saying.