Huobi And OKEx Are Ready For Tron-Based USDT


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Get your coins ready, fellow investors and crypto traders! Huobi and OKEx exchanges have announced their support for Tron-based USDT. This indicates further demand for stablecoins – a trend which keeps its steam for quite some time now.

If you’re confused about “Tron-based USDT,” here a breakdown. Earlier this month Tron (a blockchain protocol) and Tether (you all know what Tether is) have partnered to create a TRC-20-based coin – USDT. This means that the token uses a standard supported by, yep, the Tron blockchain. What’s cool about this new USDT is that it’ll be interoperable with Tron-based protocols and dApps. That’s what I call a liquid ecosystem!

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