Chainalysis Has Raised $30M In Series B Funding


Chainalysis is a startup, which focuses on crypto transaction analysis. It’s very telling that amid all the negativity, the company with an interest in the crypto market has raised sufficient funds. As it’s CEO, Michael Gronager, said: “The investment and the timing of it show that, despite fluctuating prices, there is quite a strong conviction among some very big VCs that this is not a short term play.”  

Moreover, the funding will be used for future office and R&D lab in London, which is even more surprising, taking into account Brexit concerns. Chainalysis already has offices in New York, Washington and Copenhagen.

The company, which has launched the real-time AML software Chainalysis KYT, is expanding its interests beyond “the big three” cryptos (BTC, ETH, LTC). Stablecoins are now taking center stage, and Chainalysis has already added support to different “pegged to fiat” coins.