BitTorrent’s Airdrop Will Start In February And Last Until 2025


Yes, that’s a 6-year long Airdrop. BitTorrent Foundation has announced via Twitter that the campaign will start on February 6. The airdrop will benefit both TRX and BTT holders. Just a reminder: BitTorrent was acquired by TRON’s Justin Sun in 2018.

This news is actually big, not only for holders of those coins but for the mainstream too. C’mon, we all know what BitTorrent is, and we use the service. We do ))) So imagine how this campaign will make those folks unfamiliar with crypto, to jump into the bandwagon and take everything to the moon!

The enthusiasm is real, just look at exchanges which already announced their BTT Airdrop support: Binance, Huobi, OKEx, KuCoin, and 10 more platforms. Whoa! I guess this news deffo bits the one about TON finally coming to life (or not coming, lol).