BitTorrent: A Crowdsale Completed In 14 Minutes


Or, in 14 minutes 41 seconds, according to BitTorrent official Twitter. Other sources state that the crowdfunding was over in less than 18 minutes. Who cares, on the hand? It’s a wow result, nonetheless.

Binance’s CEO went even further, saying that the whole event would have taken just seconds, but a technical glitch prevented the breaking of records. So, BitTorrent token (BTT) was selling today on the new Binance Launchpad platform. Tron (TRX) coin enjoyed an inevitable spotlight too.   

If you missed one of the most hyped and exciting token events, don’t be too upset. There will be a 6-years long Airdrop campaign, starting in February. The list of exchanges, supporting the Airdrop, grows like crazy and has 28 names in it atm. Bibox, Binance, bithumb, Huobi, OKEx, Upbit – all major guys are for it. BRING. IT. ON.