Binance Coin Is Going Up, Up, Up


Instead of crying and panicking about “crypto winter” Binance was doing some real – and very cool – stuff. They have launched a decentralized exchange, Binance DEX, with a Binance coin (BNB) as a base pair.

BNB shows a steady growth amidst continuing price roller-coaster for the majority of cryptocurrencies. The hype is big; TRON CEO Justin Sun went as far as proclaiming BNB to become “a new Bitcoin.” This is due to the fact that BNB has grown by 66% in a week – from $10,24 to $15,23. Moreover, BNB/USD has outperformed BTC/USD this year. Of course, 2019 is still young, but the fact itself is noteworthy.

Aside from being “a coin from THE Binance” – thus creating and sustaining the hype – BNB actually has real-life use cases, including in the payments, shopping, entertainment and travel fields. We’re deffo watching this space and getting ready for even more exciting developments.