Asia’s Wealthiest Families Don’t Shy Away From Learning About Blockchain


“There are two herds of people in the blockchain. Those who want to get rich off crypto, and those who want to change the world with blockchain. I would like to associate myself with the second group.”

These are the words of Anderson Tanoto, the director of the $18B Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) manufacturing corporation. Well-said, man. This statement was made at an invitation-only event hosted by Forbes Asia in Singapore, where rich kids and their parents were having a great time. I seriously urge everyone to come to Singapore and enjoy the cool lifestyle your money can buy.

Investors (representing a true family affair – from old-school grandparents to their innovative grandkids) and the most prominent representatives of the crypto industry were discussing business opportunities of the blockchain. The recent crypto-hysteria was not traceable there, while measured analysis persisted. And this is not surprising: when you’re well-off, you’re mega-curious and open to all new stuff (which will make you rich-er). So, chillax and study blockchain, this technology will add more $£€ to our portfolios in the nearest future.