Your Data From Top Crypto Exchanges Is On The DarkNet


Salut, crypto enthusiasts! How are you? How do you cope with the latest news? Crypto-year started a bit rough, eh? Are you still aiming to the moon? Now, he’s more to screw your day.

There is the hacker who claims (to CNN, nonetheless) stealing personal user data from top exchanges, like Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex and, oh yes, Binance! This data is taken from all those KYC docs – IDs, drivers’ licenses and all that – remember, when they said that KYC is required for your own safety? Bha ha ha, so what’s going on then?

CNN claims that they verified this information (apparently, there is an ad promoting hacker’s offer); in other words, it’s legit. So one can buy 100+ documents for $10, which is so cheap! The hacker dude clearly has no business stamina in his/her guts. Shame.

And just to completely f*ck up your day, here is another one: Cryptopia exchange was allegedly hacked. This is THE place to trade/sell shitcoins aka altcoins, so the impact will be serious. Cryptopia’s representatives already admitted – via Twitter, of course – to have “significant losses”. I’ll leave you to digest this promising bit of information. So long, suckers!

UPD: this is just in – it’s believed that Cryptopia has lost $16M in ETH and ERC-20 tokens. Digest that!