TON Blockchain Will Go Live In March


Rumors are in: TON is 90% ready and will be launched in March. Other rumors: the launch may be delayed for 2-3 months due to the “innovative nature” of the technology. Because guys behind it are building their own Internet. Yeah, right. Y’all believe in this type of sh*t, right?

So what exactly is known about this TON thing? It comes from the guy behind Telegram. So what? Does it mean the product will be revolutionary? No. No one has the slightest idea what’s it all about, how it’ll work, what is it for. They say TON token is crypto for all. Marvelous. Very precise. So go figure its value.

The thing is hyped as hell. And everyone is jumping (or rather, already jumped) on the bandwagon without asking any question, attempting any research, nothing. Just because it’s branded under Pavel Durov’s charismatic umbrella. And people invest a shit load of money basing their expectations on this factor alone!