The Curious Case Of QuadrigaCX And Gerry Cotten


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You all have heard about QuadrigaCX, of course. And I hope you all follow the unbelievable drama – or, rather a farce – related the death (or, maybe not even) of its founder, Gerry Cotten. I mean, there will be a movie about this curious case. The whole story just screams “Hollywood blockbuster.” Maybe I should start taking bets on who’s gonna portray Mr. Cotten. And no, I won’t take any of your shit coins.

UPD: ath ETH, after all. The Wall Street Journal has an article on that and it’s a movais ton to doubt the WSJ. Another amazing piece of news: lots of crypto assets were sent to ShapeShift exchange (at least 280,000 ETH), cash withdrawals with no accounting records were “noticed”. Nice. Getting the biggest popcorn bowl ready – this ridiculous endeavour unfolds in an unpredictable fashion.

And anotherop. Because, yeah, not a single crypto-related matter can develop without Coinbase being mentioned. Like, Geeeee, they’re everywhere. Anyways, their CEO believes Gerry Cotten didn’t plan fraud. Coinbase has conducted their own research and came to that conclusion. Wow, seriously? What type of research? Research based on what data? Who performed the research? What methodology was used? Do you see what I mean? These «conclusions» are absolutely pointless, because no one knows how they were made. Just because it’s coming from Coinbase doesn’t mean it’s relevant.