SEC: Delay In Crypto Regulation Is Actually Good


Man, I love these peeps from the SEC! And our gal Heister Pierce – a.k.a. Crypto Mom (no kiddin’, this is almost an official nickname). So, she basically said that the SEC is doing us all a great favor by postponing the crypto regulation.

Like, seriously? Are those guys and gals are utterly blind to what’s going on with crypto price every time some from the SEC decides to open his/her mouth? Don’t they have any respect for all those smart analysts who repeat their mantra of  “crypt needs regulation for mass adoption”?

So apparently y’all have to be grateful for the SEC being so ridiculously rigid and slow in adopting crypto, or at least making an effort to cook something they’ll call “regulatory rules” (and everyone will eat it like hot sh*t).

“Crypto Mom” is trying hard to convince her colleagues “to have a bit more of an open mind” towards crypto. We’re applauding her for efforts, but they’re fruitless, and there is no certainty whatsoever about SEC’s actions. Meaning, the market remains nervous and volatile.

And to make your day even more miserable, here is a tiny bit of data regarding dApps. According to DappRadar, there are 1375 live ETH dApps, 86% of which have 0 users and 95% have 0 tx volume. There are almost 2000 dApps across all platforms, 77% of which have 0 users and 85% have 0 tx volume. How embarrassing is this?