John McAfee Will Run For President While In Exile

John McAfee Will Run For President While In Exile

Ok, this shit is crazy, and it hardly needs any analysis at all. It’s just fucking ridiculous. McAfee’s Twitter is the reality show we all deserved, so stuff yourself with popcorn, hold tight and enjoy the ride.

It has started with a tweet, obvi. John McAfee, the stupendously rich guy behind an anti-virus software and the one they call “crypto enthusiast,” tweeted that he is currently living in “exile.” Reason? The IRS is after him! Yep, you read it right – the guy with so much money he can probably smash IRS and build a castle in its place doesn’t pay taxes. It can’t get better than this, eh?

But it is. McAfee announced, again via Twitter, that this situation won’t damage his plans to run for the presidency. Man, good ol’ USA are screwed! Anyways, The man + his wife + team were anchored off the coast of Venezuela aboard their luxury yacht. You have to read his Twitter, it’s just beyond. For starters, he complains that people are too rude and personal about the whole situation. He asks for respect. Geeee, dude! You made an announcement via Twitter, and you’re hoping for respect and compassion? You chose the wrong platform for that, to put it mildly.  

It’s Hollywood worthy, I’m telling you because they absolutely love dumb stories like this one. Who’s your favorite to portray McAfee? I’d root for DeNiro, but it will be Leo. The man plays everyone and everything these days.

I seriously love how 2019 is unfolding!