Fake News: Bakkt will be launched in March


What a bummer! We all got excited for a second thinking that Bakkt will go live soon, didn’t we? I guess, not so quickly. Fake news! Agaaain.

The fake website says located at bakktplatform.io that the platform will be launched on March 12 this year, but it “ain’t true”. There is not even a single word about the supposed “launch” on the official website located at Bakkt.com. Not a word was found on the official social media accounts of the platform. I guess the “upcoming launch” was a big surprise for the Bakkt team too.

The fake website  is “screaming” that it’s fake. First of all, it looks like the copy has been written by some primary school dropout: typos and grammar mistakes are literally everywhere. Second of all, it guarantees the return in the amount of 27.5% for people who send bitcoin. Very clear why they want only bitcoin.

Read full report over here.