Crypto Exchanges: Even More Embarrassment


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As if the news about faking trading volumes was not enough. Adding to the growing number of miserable fails of all-mighty, security-loaded crypto exchanges: DragonEx has been hacked, while some suspicious activity was reported on CoinBene. No one is surprised anymore, the whole thing is just fucking embarrassing.

DragonEx, the Singapore-based crypto exchange, was hacked on Sunday. There is no word on losses, of course. But check this out: when the breach was first detected, DragonEx took the platform offline, saying that it’s going through maintenance. The actual reason – hacking – was announced in a day. Like, wow, that’s a perfect example of transparency! Now they’re pleading for help: “We earnestly request help from all our fellow exchanges and other industry strength, please help us to investigate and traced the assets, freeze them and stop the assets flows.”

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