Blockchain And Crypto Projects Are Filled With Bugs


Yep, your favorite, super-secure, and safe toy, a.k.a. Blockchain (and it’s kiddo crypto) is actually full of bugs. The White Hat hackers have detected over 40 bugs in the last 30 days. Holy crap, that’s impressive.

It seems that gambling is the field most “filled” with bugs. And the ever-present Coinbase is not immune to vulnerabilities too. This is rather bad news for all those peeps hailing Coinbase for everything it is not. And that bug report proves it.

Oh, EOS is also in the list. But this is hardly surprising. It seems that more and more peeps are opening their eyes and are realizing how shitty the whole thing is. They go as far as calling it the biggest scam on the market. Ouch! The honeymoon is deffo over.