$1.7B Of Cryptocurrency Were Stolen And Scammed In 2018


I’m repeating: $1.7 billion. While all of you were to-the-mooning and parading the “great” run of crypto prices, I’ve read a Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Q4 2018 report from CipherTrace.

The report has around 30 pages, so I believe you lot have no intelligence to go through it. I’ll spell it out for you, and if you’ll still scream “crypto-to-save-us-all”, well, y’all are hopeless idiots. Anyways, let’s dive into the fascinating data of scams, hacking stacks and crimes.

Hackers have stolen almost $1B (out of $1,7B) from crypto exchanges and infrastructure in 2018. That’s ~4x higher than the year before. Another popular way to run away with your money is the ICO scam. The good guys from CipherTrace state, that the numbers they’re giving represent the tip of the iceberg – the true value of crypto assets losses is much higher.

Now, all these smart *ss criminals are coming with new scam techniques. Here is a top 5 – la crème de la crème (go look it up in your trashy Google Translate) of crypto crimes: SIM swapping, crypto dusting, next-gen crypto mixers, data center-scale crypto jacking, lightning network transactions.
I know, I’m asking in vain, but those of you who still have (at least) half-functioning brains – read the report; don’t worry, there are lots of graphs and Twitter print screens, so it’s not all text and numbers. Do yourself (and your parents’ funds and assets) a favor and pay attention to all those new scam techniques. It may save your *asses in the nearest future.