$1.7B In Cryptocurrency Was Stolen In 2018


Another fantastic piece of news for y’all, crypto enthusiasts. Scammers and hackers got 300% more profit last year, compared to 2017. It is estimated that $1.7B was stolen. How do you feel about that?

Moreover, these scams don’t even include individual cases. Coins were stolen via hacking of exchanges and other services. As the guys from CipherTrace agency are saying: “These numbers only represent the loot from crypto crimes that CipherTrace can validate; we have little doubt that the true number of crypto asset losses is much larger.” Eat this all of you, who scream about crypto future. Scam future it is, deal with it.

Educated yourself, ffs! Use your fucking brains. Read this report, detailing every known hacking technique. And if you’re still behaving like an imbecile, believing that crypto future is a bright one, here is another dark story for you: Cryptopia exchange hack continues, the first report appeared two weeks ago. Happy “to the moon-ing,” kids!